What Pierces my Surroundings

I had a dream the other day that I was rock climbing and this old woman was rock climbing beside me. We were in a gym. The problem she was working on had her turned around with her back against the wall and her next hold, the finishing hold was across on the other side of the room almost up on the roof. She had her feet not quite a foot off the ground. It was an impossible move and although she was shaking she said she wouldn’t give up. If you always do what you love and always move you’re body you’ll always be able to do what you love.

What’s going on today? In my own surroundings I see yoga. Yoga everywhere all the time. I see people who are anxious about politics and I see a good reason to be anxious about politics. I see manifestation surrounding people who know they have the power to have ideas. I see books and information and thoughts that we can share with each other. I see the way kids equate one thing to another, “do you have a boyfriend” no, “then you must be a teenager.” One thing is reality based on a previous experience. I see that the same is true for people who have had more experiences too, but with more complicated conclusions. I see a desire to be great. I see large groups of humans congregating with love to build big things and big feelings. I see robots, and hover crafts, and I still see mountains and valleys that I would have seen way before I would have seen robots and hover crafts. I see people having fun. I see people struggling. I see people making decisions and I see people unsure. I see people regret their decisions and I see them prosper. I see magic, everywhere. I see the rhythms that hold us all together. I see shimmering smiles. I see trouble making smirks. I see winter jackets and a red roofed church. I see balls of fire dancing through bodies. I see homes, temporary and long lasting, warm and less warm, occupied and empty. I see recycled fashion come out of what’s already been and I see rooms of uniformed cotton sewn by Ular knows who, for twenty bucks a pop in sterilized, scientifically aesthetically pleasing buildings built to make you want to buy. I see angry people who hold in what’s going on, and I see them vent. I see phlegmy coughs spit into sinks, and runny noses. I see people climb mountains. I see people watching TV. I see people making art. People together and people apart. I see my own wants and I see that I must push or be pulled forward through time to get where I want to be. I see that I want. I see that I don’t need to want. I have things to achieve, today and for longer. I feel it all swirling in my belly. If you continue doing what you love you’ll always be doing what you love, and so I must and so I will.


Sentimental Basalt

I’m sitting at the top of a big coulee with my family of dear friends. It’s so quiet out here that you can hear the hear birds’ wings flapping, the mist slows us down from our forward stride. The basalt rocks tower over head. Our friend reads to us about the waterfall that existed before our time, the white reside on the rocks shows us where it ran. The fireball whiskey from the night before sitting sweetly in my head, not detering me from anything or causing any pain but matching my mood the the haze surrounding me. I’m out of cigarettes, and weed, and whiskey but I’m okay with it. There’s no other choice. A slight detox that the birds mock me about it as they dive and dip their flamboyant dance in the sky.

Writing for the memory. These heights remind me of you.

I’m headed back home after an adventure to San Fransisco. Excited to spend evenings with women that I love, with friends who are family, with the little girls I work with, in a town I adore.

My body is already sore from scaling mountains. Jamming my arms, my body, my anything into cracks and divots in the wall hoping I’ll make it even an inch further. But I’ll push myself again because I doubt I’ll ever be able to do it as gracefully as these men here with me and I’m not satisfied with that. Happy to live minimalistically, but desperate to achieve. Writing stories. What options do you have when you’re attempting to make a mark in the world – climbing past bunk clips? Just sitting comfortably on the rocks below? Dreaming the most outrageous dreams.


​Trying to create reaction from a stunted sate of passion and it’s no joke the world spins on its spokes, and you may be shy but who you are is all you’ve got. Take pride to stand on your own side, pace your own stride, your heart must shine. It’s hella divine. 

Time is irrelevant when you take in each moment to devote your soul to what’s in front of you. Trying to read your reaction to my weird state of disatisfaction. There’s a moat around the place where I’m connect to this space and I’m trying to swim across it. Will you lend me your floaties? Or teach me how to swim?

Do you know how feng-shui feels? 

I’m addicted to this feeling from above coming through my toes, you know?

You’ve gotta trust yourself it’s not a crime to melt away your perspective at the time to release your energy into something insane, everybody has a mental uniqueness it’s the pieces of the puzzle that no one will take the time to read. In space there’s no time to chase. You’ve got your job but I’ve got my mob. We know what you’re up to; business men have dreamt of a life with more compassion. The hustle and bustle of the cities is a constant distraction, just follow your passion maybe the real world is just kind of cerebral and you create your own realities, mortality has nothing on experiences.  

The seriousness is: what you make of it and what you make of it is whatever you desire or what makes you perspire. So maybe learn to float. Across your own moats.

It’s been a while…

Hi there.

I haven’t written in this blog, or even looked at it all winter. I guess part of me feels slightly guilty for not doing it… but then again it’s just the internet. I’ve been having too much fun to be sitting in front of my computer. And, also, I didn’t have wifi for a while there (or furniture, while we’re on the subject). I moved to a new, most excellent, little town. I’ve been snowboarding and partying and meeting amazing people. So, I don’t feel so bad really. Things are calming down now. My new little home town has (I think) officially morphed into chill mode. It’s like living in a campground; like I’m signed up for the most bad ass mountain biking, hiking, climbing, party extravaganza summer camp for adults ever.

I’ve been working with two beautiful little human beings with special needs. They are amazing, and they make my life at least a bazillion times fuller. I’m grateful to have learned so many lessons of determination, perspective, and whole hearted observing from these kiddos. I spend a lot of time singing silly songs, reading children’s books, and looking at rocks very closely, feeling rocks very closely, feeling raw emotions, skipping down sidewalks. You know, all that great kid stuff.

I started a production company. Mostly what I did was day dream about a cool name for a production company and then started a Facebook account about it. I’ve created one short film and produced and directed a play that I wrote under the title: “Mythopoeic Productions”. I’m looking into grants, and researching local resources that will help me turn this daydream of mine into an even more solid reality. I feel like a little professional.

Okay, so… that’s my life in a nutshell these days. I hope you thought of Austin Powers when you read that. “Ah, no! I’m in a nutshell! Ah.”

I’m not really in a nutshell. Nor was Austin.

All right.

Just wanted to let you know I’m back at it. Blog on!



Inspired : In Spirals

After a quick road trip to Montreal I’ve made it back home with 5 days to spare before I move to the Kootenays to attempt to lead a stable life for a year. I’m fantasizing about tapestries to be hung, and which vegetables to grow in my first garden. I’m mentally preparing to create an oh-so hipster studio space to work in. My season’s pass to board all winter in the mountains is whispering my name like a sexy grande, pumpkin, soy latte from the 30’s would whisper a lullaby into it’s child’s ear.

As I write this I’m watching the Banksy documentary on Netflix.

I also learned a valuable lesson last night about the how the desire for success can be an artist’s demise – watching the movie While We’re Young on Netflix. Thank you Ben Stiller.

Netflix binge, I know. What do you expect from a gal who’s been on the road for 5 months?

I want to make art. I know that I over think whether or not I can make a difference with my art. I worry that I might undersell myself, or not put in the work that one would need to achieve that goal. I’m concerned that my desire to make a difference is selfish, and that it’s my own desire for success that’s already creeping in. If I don’t have the drive though, then where will the need to create come from? Is there an artist’s thesis that I’m exploring?

This is why I’m so excited to have a studio space. A place to put all of these questions in little boxes of paint, and onto pieces of paper, smeared across canvas and written into plays. Worked through, physically, via hula hoop practice. (My fantasy studio is multi-functional, if you were wondering.)

There’s just as much chance that I’ll set up my easel, that my mother bought me, in my future living room and then forget about it. I may get consumed by work like so many humans are, I might even get swept away into Netflix instead of living out this dream of mine.

When I left for last adventure I left with the intention to work on an art project: I’m Running for Prime Minister. I started out fairly strong, I interviewed people and followed leads but the more I followed into those leads the more I decided I wanted less to do with the negativity surrounding Stephen Harper, and more do to with surfing and living a life of virtually no responsibilities. Thankfully, that’s a problem I can leave in the past. Now I’m only concerned with keeping the ever-so-charming Justin Treadeau accountable. “We just gotta keep him accountable!”; I’m hearing this statement on repeat from all my politically active, spiritually awakened, coffee shop friends, university educated friends, self-educated friends, and working friends, while we all sit in our favorite coffee shops and drink sexy pumpkin soy lattes, or whatever. I actually ended up not doing very much with that project at all.

I could spend all day talking about all the shitty things the government is doing, about how capitalism is the root problem of all things, how we need to open our eyes to things like the war on drugs and the genocide of aboriginals, and/or about how tangible life is one universal collective made of stardust that intangible, man-made devices like money intrude on and steal away from our existence BUT what am I actually doing about that? Sitting in my warm home eating Quaker oatmeal sqaures (containing fibre to reduce my cholesterol…?), typing out my random thoughts and watching Netflix. I mean, I could take the nihilist approach and say that there’s nothing I can do about it, or a communist approach and say we need to wait for the collective to come together, but I’m telling you man; the starfish story can really teach us a lesson. Each piece or part of universal-collectiveness, that I’d like to call life, is responsible for themselves. Each piece makes the whole, and all of those pieces are worth the world.

If atoms weren’t all working on their own to keep themselves healthy and active then what exactly could they create? Maybe they would create something negative or nonphysical, like money. Maybe they wouldn’t create anything at all, and be left stagnant. What is life without movement? To the best of my understanding we are all stardust, and if that is true then whatever makes me, “me” is the same whatever makes atoms “atoms”? And if I am the same, then should I not be behaving similarly? Should I not then be working on keeping myself healthy and active? Do onto others what you would have done onto thyself, right? So, if I can keep my mind and my body and whatever else I have the steering for (relationships, surroundings, use of time etc.) healthy and happy then I’ll be keeping the atoms that make up “me” healthy and happy and therefore will create a golden spiral of healthy and happy movement, called life.

You create your own reality, dudes.

This is why I’ve been calling myself a HOPEAHOLIC. This is why I work hard every day to be optimistic. This is why a smile shared with a stranger means so much to me. This is why I let myself fall in love over and over again, and why I strive to keep my inner pixie self sparkling and learning.

I suppose that’s why I’m fantasizing about an in-home studio. I suppose that’s why even if this room dedicated to my inner pixie ends up collecting dust instead of inspiring life changing art projects that will inspire others to strive their own strife, or to choose their own happiness – it will have been worth it to have tried.

I would like to ask a favor of you, my friends. Stay inspired. What keeps you happy and healthy? Is it researching the web? Is it shopping? Is it jogging? Is it writing, or painting? Singing? Working? Babies? Puppies? Futurama?  Art galleries? Sleeping? Would you want your atoms to be in the relationships that you’re in? Would you make a positive difference if you could instead of a negative difference? When we surround ourselves by people who are inspired the more inspired we will be in turn. In golden spirals, inspired. So, I’d like to ask you that favor.

It’s purely selfish. You can stay uninspired if you want to, too. I just want to be surrounded by oodles of people following their passions.

Dream on dreamers. Dream on.



Turns out Running For Prime Minister is Harder than it Looks

Yes, folks, I have to admit to you. I’m not cut out for the job. Not only could I not manage to run for elections this year like I promised so many of you, I couldn’t even really manage to pretend to. But, before you mistake this for a sad sucker’s sob story, I would like a chance to explain to you why I shouldn’t have to hide in the shadows of my dashed dreams to lead Canada into a harmonious collective of 35.16 million “Canadians”.

I try to maintain balance in my personal life by recognizing that within everything exists it’s opposite. Therefore, for every peace loving hippie there is an equally sensible conservative out there. As much as it pains me to say it. I do believe that every conservative should at least learn to recycle like the hippies do, and I think it’s fair to ask every anti-hippie to respect the peace lovin’ crew’s desire to keep the earth around for forever so that they can live in magical gardens together. It’s just as fair to ask us to respect the desires of capitalist humans to expand beyond earthy measures and blast off to populate mars. Human colonialism at it’s furthest grasps. I mean, the greatest human triumph…?

There are 35.16 million souls existing on a piece of land with a culturally accepted pretend lines separating it from “the other lands”, with 35.16 million differing pasts, presents, futures, codes of ethics, morals, identities, hair styles, and stories and, approximately, 70.32 million separate arms, legs, and eyeballs. (Please excuse any discrimination). One person can’t lead all that! That’s so much!

Just a heads up, there are 7.2 billion souls living on earth in 2015 – according to the article written for usnews.com Dec. 31, 2014 by Robert Schlesinger “The 2015 U.S. and World Populations”. 7.2 billion. We will never be able to imagine that many souls, that’s a lot of souls with a lot of different wants and needs.

What I believe in is political reform. The way things are now makes it impossible for everyone to be happy with the system.

What I believe in, is finding the beautiful things in each moment. If you see something that isn’t beautiful, something that needs attention then my advice is to take some time and direct some care and love into what ever you see that makes you feel uneasy. A homeless person on the street? A boring concrete wall? A misinformed hippie? But, please do it with your most open heart and be willing to see that whatever made you uneasy could in fact be just fine without your intervention. That boring concrete wall might not need you to spray paint your anger at it, but maybe it would look pretty amazing if you do. Use your discretion.

People are beautiful, and they’re trying so darn hard to do a good job at existing. Some people seem to forget that they really do exist, and that what they do matters and makes a world of difference, and that can be problematic. As far as I can tell, it works better to at least actively observe your life passing by you, you don’t even really need to be that active, just look at what else is going on around your own personal point of view.

It’s all fine and dandy for us to talk about these things, but what happens when we start actually taking the steps we know we need to take to create the reality we want to live in? Flip the switch to that scary moment you know is necessary for change; actually buying those plane tickets to get traveling or actually taking the time out of every day to do a bit of yoga or really finishing up the resume you’ve been looking at for weeks to apply for that job. How you react to the things that have happened in your life, and what’s happening in your life right now is up to you in this moment. How you decide to see your life is up to you. Everything starts with one step.

So, there’s no possible way that a leader of a country can affect my personal reality enough for me to be satisfied with how I spend my time on earth. It’s up to me to make the best of it. A good, functioning government would of course help give the freedom and SIMULTANEOUSLY the support that we all need to develop as little babies on the earth though.

There are organisms on this piece of rock that have been alive for thousands of years. We humans have no idea what we’re doing, nor do we really have to, just like a two year old doesn’t really have to know how to sing the alphabet just yet. We’re learning. Just enjoy the ride for goodness sake, and yeah, don’t let anyone be mean to anyone. It’s fair to step in when you see an issue. Communication is key! Observation of daily life provides tons of learning material! Rest and relaxation really are necessary. Strive for understanding.

Love is all you need.

Lessons Learned as a Vagabond

If some of your lunch falls on the ground, eat it.

Smile at everyone you run into, because they’re all you have in that moment and simply because chances are you’ll never all be together in the same places ever again.

Time is relative, different people are more alive during different parts of the day.

Books and toys are more valuable than most things.

All you need is a sleeping bag… or a towel (depending on how up to date you are with the literature of Douglas Adams.)

A good night’s sleep is not something to be taken for granted.

Everywhere is a bed, cafes are kitchens, and you better learn how to squat to pee.

Good friends will get you far in life.

I’ve somehow been in California for almost a month. Many people have wondered how the heck I’m running for Prime Minister in a different country, and my official answer is this: it’s all in the mentality, man. You only give up when you say you give up, and I’ve not given up on this project. I’m learning how much hard work a project like this can be, which is great news. I’m learning that everything is cumulative. You better believe I’m going to have some killer material in my collection all future art projects! Every day is an adventure, a path towards a new epiphany of what life could be and what it is now. The things that are the most important, and the most personally valuable are the things that stick. All the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the lessons I’ve learned, and the love I’ve felt have all been inspiring beyond what I could have imagined. The world is an amazing place, and honestly fairly small once you get moving around in it.

I’ve come across so many people who have expressed interest in the life of a traveller, or even in adventures (as big or as small as you can imagine), but they’re just not getting out there. Why not? Work. Work, and money.

Yo: I left on my journey with very VERY few dollars. You’ll figure it out when you get out here, it’s in your human fight or flight capacity. I promise. There are websites dedicated to teaching you how to make money online. There are so many odd jobs to pick up on the road, as long as you set your intentions to finding such things. You can busk – selling crafts, and art, and entertainment. You can literally just ask people for food, if you’re really in a jam, people do it all the time! The most important thing is to know where your passions lay, and to be willing to go with the flow of what ever comes your way. “Take the green light!”, “The path of least resistance!”.

Go have fun! There’s enough time in life, I can attest!!

I love you guys, thanks for reading my thoughts. I hope they give you a friendly nudge in all your current directions.

Curiously Alien Thoughts, and Vibrations of Flowy Love

Love is the key to life. Love, and the self-creation of a moment to moment clock. But that’s my own opinion. Take it or leave it.

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Living in the Trees; A How To Guide

Hello my dear readers. How are the dozens of you doing out there? Good, I hope.

I’m also doing well; today I finished my half shift at the beach resort I’m working at in Tofino, as well as finished setting up my home in the forest I moved into a couple of days ago, and as I type these words that your beautiful eyes will eventually see… I’m stuffing my face with a margharita pizza  made out of donut dough at a wicked coffee shop I’m addicted too. Yes, I am a bit sore from surfing yesterday but the later part of that statement is worth the first.

I’m literally living my dreams right now.

“How did you manage to achieve such a stupendous lifestyle with only a backpack, a guitar, and a laptop to feed your blogging obsession?”, you may ask.

And I, of course, I will tell you. As a good blogger should.

All you have to do, is close your eyes, hope for something amazing to happen, and it will. Seriously. This whole adventure started with me sitting on my couch in Lethbridge Alberta feeling sorry for myself about Stephen Harper being the Prime Minister of Canada when I thought, “I’m just going to do it!”. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but it had begun! My first move was the decision to run for Prime Minister because they say – if you don’t like something, change it! I wasn’t about to hedge my bets on voting being an actual representative evaluation of the feelings of Canadians, nor on it doing anything productive towards making the very clearly needed changes that I feel need to be changed, so I decided to just do it myself. Which is ridiculously funny, in a teetering on the edge of insanity kind of way, but also I’ve been told it’s a creative, pointless, stupid, inspiring and brave thing to be doing as well. I told as many people as I could as fast as I could to lock myself into the task. I finished off my semester in school then I got my father to drop me off at a c-train station in Calgary carrying bags weighing approximately the same as by body (an even 50/50 chance of me being able to carry them any further than up the road), stopped for a bite to eat with my bandmate and soul sister and then asked around about how to get out onto the highway so that I could hit the road. A train and a bus later I was standing on the shoulder of the road across from C.O.P. with my thumb out and a shit eating grin across my sunny little face.

When the guy who ended up giving me a ride pulled over he asked me where I was going.

“West!” I replied. And he laughed, and then VOILA sitting on the couch self loathing over politics had already paid off.

At that point knew I was surfin’ the wave of life! I was journeying across the highways of dreamers! I was riding the soul train and I had to let it take me like the breeze takes a leaf. Wow, what a rush!

There is no way right way to live. There needn’t even be a destination in mind, life keeps going no matter where you are or what you’re doing. So make the best of it I say! Everything starts with a thought. If you’re feeling like you’re not going in the direction you want to be going remember that even thinking you will go that way, that you want to go that way, is setting you in your tracks. Pat yourself on the back for wanting what you want because “wanting” and “thinking” are verbs.

Wishing you all the best in your day dreaming! Chase them until you’re living them. It’s utterly, endlessly satisfying.

Tree House

Official Election Date: Oct. 19, 2015

The election is officially Oct. 19th! Stephen called it early, and this article muses with the idea that he’s done it because he wants to have more time to campaign.

“So, among the calculations being made in the Conservative war room is what’s worth more — attack ads on their opponents, funded by party dollars that are limited by law; or limitless taxpayer-funded ads they could be running promoting their policies.”

On Aug. 6 there will be a leaders’ debate, which should be pretty interesting. The theatrical aspects of politics in full swing! This page should tell us where to watch:

Apparently Stephen isn’t thinking about frolicking around the country all August campaigning but; “He has, however, cancelled his usual August trip — the annual tour to the Arctic.”

Let’s rally and vote, yo.